Sunday, October 1, 2017

Panduan buat duit dengan blog

The panduan buat duit dengan blog that written by zikri husaini dot com. How to make money with blog is not easy. Need time to focus on the keyword that are you focusing. It can be a profitable industry because malaysia still in build progress to develop blogging is a quiet income industries.

Buat duit dengan blog how?

Need have a blog , if you dont have a blog, you can make a money. But still can make money, just promote at media social or using that media social to promote the product or services. But if we have the blog, you can arrange the media content , create a database , design blog, customize and so on.

Buat duit dengan blog can be success if we have a good content, good strategy and create a some unique content instead making advertisement to user to that interested to advertised with us. The advertiser will be come automatically if we have a good content, good marketing and a high traffic.

You can read my other blog that story how my blog create buat duit dengan blog from beginning until now. Check it out now.

Contoh soalan panduan peperiksaan kawalan udara trafik 2017

Those who are candidate to seat this exam which is trafik kawalan udara on 3 october you need to buy this panduan that very cheap. Get it now here 
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Live streaming liga super JDT vs Penang 1.7.2017

Live streaming match MSL (malaysia super league) on 1 july 2017. The match will be held at stadium larkin Johor Bahru on 9 pm.  Currently jdt still on top first place advance 6 points , while penang still last position. Penang now is conducted new coach which is Zainal Abidin.

We will provided live streaming if available. Stay tuned this blog.