Friday, August 28, 2009

Politic :- Soi Lek to take a break now

From website:-

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the deputy president of the MCA who was sacked by the party for tarnishing its image due to the sex scandal DVD issue said that he would like to take a break for now but did not rule out appealing against the decision. He said "So friends, give me a chance to rest. People will be thinking that I will be working very hard, but as usual, I take everything in my stride.

Hopefully, I can live longer to see another day and another battle. I did not realise that the MCA disciplinary board, led by an aging lawyer, has deemed it fit to recommend me to be sacked, 21 months after I resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008.

If there is provision for sentencing to death physically, I am sure that the disciplinary board would have no hesitation in recommending me to face the gallows. The reason is obvious why I need to be sacked. Will my sacking boost the image of the MCA? I have to assume that the president today, is as clean and clear as crystal.

Only time will tell. Probably, this is to keep me occupied since I am now partyless. The press has not stopped harassing me. It is actually quite funny and fun,"

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