Friday, December 25, 2009

Change the new Facebook layout.

Nowaday people have an account . I also have one. But, the limitation is about the layout. Honestly, i feel bored with blue layout everyday. (wah so bored!). Everyone use facebook now and we all hate this new blue and white environment.

Most people hate the new facebook layout. Most people want to change it. In the past, I introduce you to one way to customize your profile. This old tool does not work with the new facebook layout.

You hate the new facebook layout and you want to change it now. You want a nice profile. You want to change this ugly new layout from facebook.

YES! Facebook is not like Myspace, friendster tagged and so on,  but you can change completely your layout.

However you can turn the actual layout:

Before using the application. (so bored, always blue color).

To this brand-new, customize facebook layout:

Tada!, after install the application. very easy:-

The solution is Page Rage. Page Rage is an application that will do the whole customization.

You must follow those steps:
2. Choose the layout you want
4. Login to Facebook 
6 And you done

  • Fast and easy
  • Large selection


  • Only you can see it
  • Only work with internet explorer and Firefox (goggle chrome, safari, comet bird not available!) 
  • Not a real customization. 

As you can see, Page Rage can be a great solution to customize your profile. However if your friend does not install Yontoo Lawyers they will not see your facebook profile customize.

I think it is a huge problem. The application is fun to use, it is much better than the blue and white you see every day.

Visit the page rage website

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