Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you like to play chess??

 Mr millionaire campaign to all reader's this blog to play this game. hehe, just joking.

Im also like to play chess, because give my brain to think about the strategy to win, defend our attack, and also about phys-co. f you want to play by online you can play this website.

It’s you versus them. Each party has an army. You're on the defensive while the bad guys are on a constant offensive. It’s your defense strategies against their attack strategies.

Each move takes into account the state of the entire battlefield. What the idea, i wanna to say is, this games actually can give the real scenario in our life.

In reality, there must somebody want to sacrifice our-self to achieve our target, whether it right or not.

 There a thousand strategy to play this game. Each move, will affect the percent to win this game. Really??

Below is the video, is about the rules when play chess. I no idea to write down, because Feynman, he is very pro about this games.

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