Thursday, March 18, 2010

What about KLCC?

How about vacation to KLCC??

THE school holidays are here again. It’s a short break but it’s time to be spent with your family and friends - and thankfully, not on dreaded projects.
But holidays are often well-known for making you bored when you have no plans.

It makes it even harder when school teachers are so fond of asking, “What did you do during the holidays, class?” when we go back to school. We know today is already Thursday, but we have one place that you can go that will help provide answers to your teachers’ questions, if not kill your boredom.

Instead of giving teachers the usual answers like “Nothing much”, or “Watching television” or “You know, stuff!”, you could start by telling them about your visit to the tallest building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! The Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), as most of you know, was once the world’s tallest twin-building. It’s also a symbol of Malaysia and a great tourist attraction. There are many ways to get to KLCC. You can take the LRT which is extremely affordable for us school-going kids and will get you there in no time. It is also very convenient as it connects directly with the concourse floor of the shopping mall. When you enter Suria KLCC, be prepared for an awesome experience, be it shopping, or just hanging out with your best buddies. You will find many different and exciting stores. 

There is a wide variety of diverse clothing stores, from the affordable goods to the branded splendours. Well-known stores like GAP, Marc Jacobs, Bvlgari and even Jimmy Choo can be found here. If that’s a bit too pricey, you can always try shops like Giordano and Miss Sixty. Venture on to the bigger department stores like Marks and Spencer, Isetan and Parkson Grand where you will be able to find everything and anything at the tips of your fingers. Bored with all the clothes? No worries, the accessories shops here are not to be missed. Two interesting shops are Chameleon and Accessorize. 

Both are a must-go for teen girls who like their jewellery fancy and affordable at the same time. Books! Books! And more books! If you are a teen book worm, then Kinokuniya is definitely the place for you to be at. Piled with books, magazines and stationery for miles, this humungous bookstore is a teen favourite. Have you worked up an appetite from all that massive shopping? Suria KLCC offers fast food to expensive dining, from A&W and Dunkin Donuts to Chilli’s Grill and Bar, Du Viet and even Dome Café. Another crowd pleaser is the The Manhattan Fish Market which serves a variety of fish and other seafood. After a tiring and exhilarating day shopping and spending your money to the last penny, you will want to relax and get some fresh air. 

Well, the KLCC park is located right outside the shopping mall and is one of the teenagers’ favourite places to hang out, with tons of shady trees (about 1,900, we were told!) to shield you from the sun. If you want to cool off, it even has a pool. At your first glance, you will be greeted with the beautiful sight of a water fountain. Did you know that the fountain is programmed to form a “Lake Symphony”? So every time you watch closely, you can see a little show going on, and if you have a greater imagination, you could try to figure out what it’s about. And the educational bit? 

Turn the pages to read the Niexters’ adventures at Aquaria and the Skybridge. All in all, Suria KLCC is an awesome place for teenagers to hang out at and we would proudly recommend it to any other teen. So you out there, what are you waiting for? Hop on an LRT and make your way to the heart of this city centre!
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