Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Windows 8, launched this year??

Windows 8?? 

How can you imagine, the ceo microsoft, bill gates says that rumor window 8 will lauched this year or next year. Never mind lah. 

At this moment, no one knows what exactly the next version of Windows will look like, or even what it will be called. Internally it's called Windows.Next, but Microsoft developers refer to it as Windows 8 on LinkedIn. The details we have come from LinkedIn, the portfolio of a developer at Microsoft India R&D, a official statements and presentations by Microsoft and slides supposedly leaked by an HP engineer responsible for OEM relations. Together, these pieces begin to form a picture of what the next generation of Microsoft's operating system will look like.

Check it out :- There are 11 new features from windows 8 

  1. 128-Bit Support
  2. 3D Support
  3.  App Store
  4. ARM support (Meaning: Tablet Support)
  5. Facial Recognition
  6. Faster Startup Time
  7. Kinect Support OK:  this is the exciting one: Kinect for Windows. WinRumors claims to have a source at Microsoft who confirmed that a Kinect SDK for Windows will be released.
  8. Location Awareness
  9. Multiple desktops
  10. Smart Sticky Notes
  11. Skew Window Managment for Touch
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