Thursday, September 15, 2011

Download free games Worms 3 armageddon full version

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I know this games is very popular for a period time when my secondary school. But now this game, people are forgetting. Never mind. For just want try play this game, when boring at work rather thank play games angry bird that more tension right?? . You can download for below link.

Link to Full Game:
1(Missions don't work, and it's a bit wierd):

2(Missions, work, everything works, just wierd music):

Link to WinRaR Download:

Link to Full Wormage (all weapons unlocked):

**HOW TO FIX LANGUAGES (2nd file)**
The first file has all the languages in. So all you have to do is download both files, then copy the "languages" (or similar) folder from the 1st one which has all of them inside into the second one. Now you should have all the languages.


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