Saturday, December 24, 2011

Video Iphone 4s review, specifications

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Iphone 4s at malaysia now release. Those who wants to buy, need to review and make some assigmment comparison and some homework.Since there, the company telecommunication (maxis, digi and celcom)  have make some plan that looks affordable to user in order to buy this gadget. Enjoy the explanation from the video.

By the ways, The iPhone 4S comes with a faster processor, a better camera, a smarter virtual assistant and twice the storage of its predecessor, if you don't mind paying for it. Like the iPhone 3GS did before to the 3G, the 4S bumps the iPhone 4 down to second-class status, leaving those Apple fans who must have the best aspiring to own its decidedly familiar exterior. Apple says this is the most amazing iPhone ever. Is it? Yes, of course it is, but read on to see whether it's really worth an upgrade. 

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