Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lelaki kacak in the 2nd phase April 2012

Lelaki kacak now at last April, all the blogger which means all the contestant look hard work to fight battle this keyword to won at Google search engine. to get first page in number 1 search engine, which is Google is not easy. This because all the contestant (blogger) has their own strategy and also Technic in writing and also the building back-links technique. 

Why we wont get 1st page ?? 

It's very difficult to explain in technical writing, because all the element need to explain verbally. If I have any time upload the video i will explain the seo technique. to get first page on lelaki kacak keyword term. But, you can watch seo video below to know about basic technique at least. 

There are a lots of technique if we can see at video you-tube. Some of them using the black hat technique. But, you need to take the risk of using black hat seo. Need to care, but for me to play safe must using the white hat technique.

The video above there are already established. So if you are too newbies looking so look so noob. But, if you want more clear just see this below video that showing 5 easy tricks to get to the first page of Google!

To get first page in is not easy. 

Lelaki kacak should be have a blog networking and also make some homework in order to compete with all the contestant. Furthermore, as a blogger must have a tool or some widget in order to assist your blog to spy and make some analysis and do post-moth-um with your blogger mate.

Need to know about backlinks.

What are Backlinks in lelaki kacak?

Backlinks are considered as the incoming links from another site to your site. Quality backlinks are often used as part of a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, in term of search engines use the number of backlinks a site has as a measure of its popularity.                         

There are a several tool that assist to make some spy your contestant.

And much more. 

But, all the above link have their own limitation. Better you buy some tools that need to pay, because we can know the exact and the accuracy to make some you own analysis. 

to be continued... 

get ready to battle for the keyword lelaki kacak??? Are you sure???

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