Monday, May 12, 2014

What makes you happy??

Happy is just to subject when to explain. 

What makes you happy? You might think it would be money, power or fame. Well, you must to think again. Positive psychology guru, Martin Seligman studied happiness and found these characteristics of happy people. How do you rate when it comes to feeling happy?
  1. Happy people spend time with others and spend the least time alone. We all need support from others, friendships and meaningful relationships. 
  2. Judging, happy people don’t judge themselves by what others do or have. They feel comfortable judging themselves by their own measures. 
  3. Stay optimistic. No matter what happens, happy people stay optimistic. They look at the glass half full versus half empty. 
  4. Action. Staying optimistic leads to action. It’s not just what you believe or your outlook on life that contributes to happiness, but action follows 
  5. Give. Remember the adage, “It is better to give then to receive?” This is true of happy people. They aren’t self-absorbed and are more satisfied with life. 
  6. Talent. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but happy people know their strengths and use them. They share their talents. 
  7. Gratitude is part of being a happy person. Happy people feel it, appreciate small things and people. Life is a gift and so are the good things that happen to them. 
  8. Forgive. People who are willing to forgive others are happy people. Forgiveness prevents bitterness or feelings of resentment. Be quick to forgive and you will live a happier life. Forgiveness is the strongest link to happiness. 
  9. Invest. Happy people develop intimacy and growth in relationships. They invest in people and are willing to examine themselves in relationships and grow. 
  10. Embrace. Shift your focus from material things to appreciating the beauty of our world. Build your intimate relationships and grow as a person. Do everything with a sense of giving and gratitude. Not only will you make the world better, but you will be happier. 
That's all. Happy everybody !!

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