Sunday, January 5, 2014

Contest seo eridy, needs to practice!!

Warghh, what a contest seo for this year!! 

I don't know what to say for this contest because too many of the competitors from blogger in many ways platform try all out to perform, to win this seo contest! I believe this is not easy way to compete in this competition. The keyword, contest seo eridy is the keyword to fihgt in order to get first page in domain googlecom / 

For the last two year if not mistaken fight for the keyword lelaki kacak, that were not easy. Just for the one two weeks get the first page, since not enough time to beat all the competitors, my blog have been beat, last 10 page kick by the 

Who is eridy?? 

He is the handsome guys what to improve blogging writing skills time to time. The reasons that want to make this competition take the many of participants, all the contestant get the several benefits. What the benefit, i cant give it at this moment because of this competition need time and try and error to get the best result. 

Many of bloggers failed to win this contest seo eridy to maintain their position because of the back-links not maintain and just writing the entry, writing the density keyword, just wait and see. Seo is about the consistent, confident, and also about the majestic. Needs some of the touch of magic writing skill to perform and also the black hat technique in seo skills. 

My idea to win this contest, all the contestant must deliver, control and take some times to discover what the technique from all blogger before to join this contest. All the best, from amateur blogger like me. Contest seo eridy is quite tough competition to fight this battle. We must know who are the players seo in this year, 2014!! 

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